Friday, May 15, 2009

An Equal and Opposite Reaction

Apparently, according to Fox News, there is a petition out with 65,000 signatures asking Notre Dame university to rescind its invitation to president Obama to give the commencement speech at this years graduation.

Why? Well, because he supports reproductive rights and Stem Cell research. But is it really a Catholic thing that we are talking about here, or is the right still pulling at straws to start a reaction? When all else fails, scream gay marriage and abortion and you are likely to pull the visceral strings of an army of social conservatives.

Or maybe it is because Catholics oppose Obama, since he appears to be so unpopular in highly Catholic areas like New York, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Italy, Spain, France...

And a whopping 25% of Catholics oppose the invite, thats almost half of a majority!

No, it is not a Catholic thing. It's a reaction thing. The right has found itself in a place where it is no longer winning in any cultural or political front. So it is only natural and understandable they fear a popular voice of progress.

Forgive me if I am wrong, but aren't Universities supposed to be a place of intellectual discourse and debate?

Should Notre Dame follow lockstep with these demands and fire every teacher that recognizes natural selection or astrophysics? Or....better yet...just dump the theater department, you know there has got to be a gay in there somewhere...

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  1. So silly. Of course it's reported by Fox News, anything to stir the pot. I completely agree with you, and just because there may be some discord or disagreement with Obama's policies, that doesn't change the fact that he is a well educated & successful person, who has overcome adversity, making him a good role model for young people of any political party or religious sect who are about to enter the "real world". I'll bet the signers are parents and conservative alums frightened Obama will sway their graduates to a more liberal belief system, or at the very least get them questioning (the horror!).