Thursday, May 14, 2009

Generation Why

Welcome, fine readers, to the first installment of my own, personal, uncensored blog....perhaps offensively forgivable or unforgivably outspoken. Here I will put all of my overflowing social commentary without the beating bass drums or synthy lines.

Perhaps this is where I can put my BA in political science to use...

My first entry is about people who do not dance at shows.

I live in Brooklyn. Williamsburg, to be exact, which is to many considered the "hipster capitol of the world." Of course, the etymology behind hipster actually confuses our baby boomer parents, who remember the term being used for jazzers from the 40s. But today, they are essentially considered a subculture that is constantly searching for the next trend, being artistic, philosophical, political...(skinny...)

In reality, what we are talking about is the tale of a 3rd-generational nouveau-riche individuality, where the constant struggle to be one's self turns us, incidentally, into the most abhorrent followers in a completely unfounded elitist structure (pitchfork).

We have found that its easier to be admired when we critique. When we watch a movie or see a band, we look around to verify that our friends enjoy it before we say we do. Opening yourself up to enjoyment has become nothing but vulnerability . And yet, what gives these trend setters the right to decide the "ins and outs" to our society? Well, actually, absolutely nothing, aside from perhaps their more frequent ability to copulate than the average singleton.

Now, I am going to say a few things to clarify.

Having good taste in food, good fashion sense, good taste in music and films. All of things things are great qualities. Having these qualities would probably make you "hipster." Really, what it is, is the taste and social movements of our generation. We have a style and a sense of humor. There is nothing wrong with this. And in a grand scheme of things, we are all "hipsters."

The culprits are those who just try way too hard to find individualism, they lose it completely.

Take, for instance, Natalie Portman's Shaved Head. I am not going to say anything about the music, which I think is based on its merits, but this name is a perfect example of the worst in us. It is a name that is pretending to be completely unique, yet actually sells out to its own ironic sensationalism. It's really a brilliant marketing strategy.

This so-called counter culture has commercialized itself voluntarily, it has embraced the concept of excessive American behavior and though there is nothing wrong with being commercial, pretending you are above it, is. We spend all of our time making sure we are not being judged by those "cooler" than us. But the secret is...nobody is cooler than the shamelessly self-aware.

Like THIS guy:

In our recent trip to Spain, we found that people let themselves enjoy the lives they were living. Maybe that is a reaction to living under a fascist autocracy for so long.

We never had to deal with that, instead, we have decided to limit our freedoms voluntarily.

Enjoy life.

Be yourself.

Dance when you want to.

(rant over. )


  1. As a Plushgun fan, and as a "hipster", I can say with honesty, that this was informational, and interesting to read. I hope that all of your blogs from here are this awesome Dan. Remember, keep in touch with me on Facebook, I'll drop you a line later.


  2. Where can we get our own fascist regime? They certainly are snappy dressers.

  3. I like your blog Dan.
    You explain your ideas well.
    And I tend to agree with your ideas - so bonus.

    One question, what does Plushgun mean?