Wednesday, May 20, 2009

"Evolution, Smevolution!"

It seems like everyone has gone on a "missing link" frenzy now, that we found it. Well, at least, what it is, is this:

The picture up there is Ida, which appears to be a weird, cat-monkey combo. In fact, thats kind of what it is, a link between a lemur like species and primates. I want one as a pet.

Must give credit to our guitarist, Taylor who introduced me to the news before Huffpo did, and as everyone who knows anything about me, its that I am clearly obsessed with anthropological discoveries of the human-evolution-chain kind. But mostly because I like to see what the intelligent design crowd comes up with in scrambling for an explanation.

But what is scariest here, is not the fringe. Not the radicals who take a literate interpretation of religious texts, but the fact that only 39% of people believe that we even evolved at all

And though evidence keeps piling up like a good, ol' fashion book burning, amazingly humorous explanations for said evidence works its way out of the primordial soup.

"Evolution is just a theory"

Gravity is also a theory. Actually there are multiple theories of gravity. And, trust me when I say, do not try to test gravity. It will win.

"Fossils were Placed there by the Devil to sway us from the good word"

As was rock and roll, condoms, and corn syrup.

"Fossils don't show transition, they don't even move!"


"I'll believe it when I see a monkey give birth to a human."

I like this one the best, because all of a sudden, all of the reasons above mean nothing. In fact, this is the most empirical one! Observe and measure, the scientific method. See is believe is the mark of true faith. Well, at least we are getting somewhere...

Don't get me wrong, there are holes in classical Darwinian theory, which are being observed, tested, and studied. An interesting concept is "Quantum Evolution" which tangents from Quantum Mechanics and essentially states that evolution occurs much like the classic Darwinian theory suggests. However, much more rapidly than simple natural selection, due to our very subatomic essence being constantly measured by our environment.

I am aware how dorky the above paragraph came across, like I said, I actually am into this kind of stuff.

And while I type, I am aware this blog post is not going to change anyone's opinion. Years of scientific data, carbon dating, and fossil records doesn't even work. So I'll end this post with my favorite picture: a creationist and a turkey.


  1. looks like a R.O.U.S. :D

  2. Woah, I didn't know only 39% of people believed the evolution theory... I mean, I'm not sure if I fully believe it, but it makes sense.

  3. Be as dorky as you like, it's lovely and entertianing and admirable. And I am just as big a dork because you and your blog are so proud of your views and being honest without being blanetly rude, (or, if you are, at least in a subtle way).